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A Big Hearty Welcome.......

We are so glad that you have come to learn about a very unique Christian internet ministry. We like to say that this is your Radio For Life. On this stream, there is a little bit of something for everyone. You will enjoy music of all sorts, ministries, technical talk and a wide variety of other shows and presentations. All the shows you will hear are meant to be of service to those who listen and to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ. Any time we are on, all you need to do is tune-in

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Meet Our Staff And Contributors

Michael Capell, Chrissie Cochrane, Kelly Sapergia and Lynn White have been working together for years. They all are part of a team on another station called The Global Voice. As time goes by, others from The Global Voice will join our staff. As you might guess, the guys and gals absolutely love working together.

Other Contributors

Steve Bauer has hosted a jazz program called Smooth Jazz USA and we are very glad that Steve is part of our Radio For Life family. For more about Steve and his shows, go to


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Would You Like To Help?

Our station is a work of love for our Lord and for you. However, there are associated costs involved and there will be even more as time progresses. Please consider making any contribution you can. Thank you in advance.

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