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On this page, expect to find all sorts of things from recipe sites to places where you can buy stuff online. I hope that you will find this page not only useful but enjoyable as well. For blindness specific information, remember to go to my Blindness Resources Page.

Churches In My Area

This page would be so incomplete if I didn't show you churches in my area which I am so proud of. The pastor of South Park Baptist Church, Randy Capote, was not only my spiritual leader, but he is a dear friend. Even though there is no way to capture the full flavor and spirit of the congregation, you can get a sense of what they are about. Check out the church at South Park Baptist Church

My Friends' Church

Well, since I have been bragging to you about my area's congregations, a friend of mine suggested that you should know about other good churches. So, here it goes. If you are ever in Louisville, Kentucky, you should first look up my friend, Scott Spaulding. Chances are, you would find him at his church called New Song Christian Fellowship. New Song must be a great place to worship, because Scott is a wonderful person who loves people and has the heart of a servant.

Ministry Resources

One of my friends from church just raves about an online ministry resource that contains a plethora of sermons and other resources. If you are hungry for the Word of God, you desperately should go to

Another Christian resource is operated by Jo River. On this site, you can listen to and download all kinds of sermons and other resources to guide you on your Christian journey. Visit

American Association of People With Disabilities Page

The American Association of People With Disabilities are quite active in promoting the employment of disabled Americans by providing great information. Visit them here.

Musical Artists Page

Ted Pearce is a musician who goes back to the days of the Jesus movement. He also works with Messianic Christians. His new album, called Hallelu Et Adonai (Praise the Lord), is outstanding. If you purchase his album, tell him where you heard about his wonderful ministry. Visit Ted's place at Ted

Recipe Sites

There is a neat blog that a friend of mine pointed me to for wonderful recipes. I have personally checked this one and think it is worth looking at often. Check out My Mother's Table.

Music and Movie Sites

I have some friends who broadcast live on the internet and several of them also have their shows where you can hear them on demand. Jorgen Hansson is an online broadcaster and musician from Sweedden who records in several languages. I am a huge Jorgen Hansson fan! Visit his website at and let him know that I sent you.

A new person I have discovered runs a 24 hour Christian station. His name is Simon Cook and he runs Be sure that Simon knows that I sent you.

Another buddy of mine near Washington, D. C., has been a long time host of oldies shows. His style is very friendly and upbeat and his presentation is really cool. Pay a visit to The Ramsay Oldies Show. Let Chris know that I put a bug in your ear.

Two good friends of mine, Rick and Deb Lewis, have formed their own online radio station. They feature Oldies, Country and Christian music. Visit The Ride Radio and tell me what you think. I know you'll smile all the time you're listening.

Yet another friend of mine, David Dunphy, hosts a really neat web site where, not only can you hear past shows, but during the day, you can actually look at his music collection and request songs. You will definitely want to go to Audio Access FM.

I belong to two record clubs which are quite handy for shopping online. They have been around for a long time and provide excellent service.

I love buying and renting movies. Two sites that I have belonged to for quite awhile are Columbia House and Blockbuster Dot Com.

My Approval

All links shown here come with my full endorsement. Either I have tried the companies, know the people involved or they come with the recommendation of people I trust.

You can email me your Cheers or Jeers to