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Please check this page for more and more resources for the blind. You will find a list of web sites, email lists, businesses and a zillion other things that concern blind people.

If you would like to recommend a vendor who sells to the blind, a consumer group or anything else that benefits blind people, drop me an email. You can find the address at the bottom of this page.

A couple of the hottest crazes to invade the world wide web is pod casting. There are two great places to learn about pod casting and other technologies from a blindness point of view. These sites are Blind Cool Tech and Jeff Bishop Blog and Podcast.

Another great blindness resource page I have found is called "White Stick". And, by the way, there are some wonderful resources available to the public in general. Have a look see at the Whitestick Website.

Interested in playing music? Bill Brown has created courses in music designed specifically for the blind. At his website, not only can you order the course through the mail, but you purchase and downloaded the courses on your computer. How cool is that? I have read all kinds of emails giving Bill a ringing endorsement. To read, and possibly purchase a course, visit Music For The Blind and let them know who referred you.

Speaking of online courses, a dear friend of mine teaches an online course in medical transcription to blind folks. You might want to ask her about eponyms when you check out her website at Medtrans Class

Are you looking for a site chocked full of materials and links for the blind? There is a guy I know his name is Joey Stuckey. Joey is a recording engineer who lends his talents to help would-be singers and musicians. His website also contains a variety of information and links. Give him a vist at Blind Resources dot Info

There is another good friend of mine who operates a very excellent blindness resource site called "Blind Geek Zone". Rick does not mind telling you what he thinks about what is happening in the blindness community. This is a fine thing. In addition to his opinions, there is a vast wealth of information such as podcasts, downloadable program tools and an array of other resources.

Have You Ordered an Accessible Credit Report Recently? As a result of the American Council of the Blind's structured negotiations efforts, credit reports are currently available in accessible formats from all three credit reporting companies in the United States. Everyone is entitled to one free report from each company every 12 months - for a total of three free reports per year. You can order your credit report in Braille, large print, or audio CD formats by calling toll-free 1-877-322-8228. This is an automated system. You will need to speak or use your telephone keypad to provide your name, mailing address, Social Security Number and date of birth. If you call from your home telephone number, they will already have some of this information and ask you to confirm their records. After providing the identifying information, you will be asked "if you require your free annual credit report in a format accessible to the visually impaired, press or say 1." You will then hear the following: "To certify that you are a person who is blind or visually impaired within the meaning of the Americans with Disabilities Act, press or say 1." Everyone who certifies that they are blind or visually impaired will next hear "Please choose the type of format you would like to receive your credit report. For large print, press or say 1. For Braille, press or say 2. For audio, press or say 3." Then, after choosing the company you want to get your first report from, you will be finished. You may order all three reports at the same time, or you may spread your requests over the 12 months. You can also get your free credit report on-line by going to the official credit report web site at

If you are new to Internet Explorer, there is a wonderfully tutorial put together by David Bailes called Jaws Guide For Internet Explorer. If you use another screen reader, don't be put off by the title. Click to read the IE7 Tutorial. They also offer helpful tips on Windows 7.

Are you looking for a File Sharing Resource for the blind? There is a file sharing site operated by Bernard Maldonado. The site is called Blind File Sharing. This is really a cool site because it allows you to upload large files at a very affordable price. And it is quite accessible. Tell Bernie that you were referred by me.

I am the owner and moderator of a Christian list called Circle of Friends. If you are a Christian or are looking for answers, please know you are welcomed to join the Circle family. Not only do the folks around the Circle discuss Christian topics, we also talk about everyday life issues such as children, family, sports, technology and any other just plain old stuff. All we ask is that what you write would be pleasing to God. To join, send a blank email message to Circkleofriends

You can email me your suggested vendors to